Nutrition is the cornerstone of good health. More and more evidence is supporting the idea that proper food choices are linked with disease prevention and halting progression of existing disease. Supplementing with key nutrients that are missing from the average diet and difficult to obtain from the most conscientious diet is important to optimizing health. Focusing on “food as medicine,” Pauline Weissman will address any of your health concerns from a dietary prospective in addition to providing very specific nutritional advice.

What is Nutrition Therapy? Why see a Nutritionist?

The objective of nutrition therapy is to design individual dietary and supplement protocols to optimize overall health, boost the immune system, increase energy levels and slow the aging process. This can be achieved through food, vitamin, mineral and herbal therapies. Whether you are looking to resolve medical issues via a natural, whole foods

and supplement approach, or you are simply looking to increase energy levels, decrease fatigue, rid yourself of brain fog…or even lose weight, Pauline can help you.

Nutrition Therapy can be offered in a variety of manners: Through individual or group sessions, specialized meal plans, health assessments, food preparation and cooking advice.

With education and guidance, you can take control of your life and follow steps that will guide you to ensuring optimal health.

What to expect from my first appointment?

Pauline will review your medical history, food habits, and lifestyle. Together with you, she will create a custom plan including menu plans, supplement protocols if needed, recipes, education and guidance. Her strength is her ability to work with people of varying lifestyles and creating plans that are feasible, reasonable and realistic in order to get her clients to attain their personal health goals.

What Types of Special Programs do you offer?

Customized Individual Weight Loss Programs

Customized plans designed for each individual given body type, lifestyle, activity level and likes and dislikes. Programs include education, menu planning, recipes, shopping lists and customized supplement protocols.

Food Allergies and Sensitivities

Confused by how to truly follow a clean diet that is free of…gluten, dairy, soy or any other food you have been instructed to avoid? Pauline can provide you with all the relevant information, tips, guidelines, shopping lists, recipes and menu plans that work with your specific food allergies and sensitivities.

Anti Inflammatory/Auto Immune Nutritional Protocols

Learn what foods, teas, and supplements can reduce the severity of your symptoms.

Learn what foods cause inflammation, and exacerbation of both autoimmune and other inflammatory conditions.

Walk away with not only a clear understanding of the above, but a personalized menu plan and guidance on how to follow it.

Fertility/Prenatal/Postnatal Nutrition

During this very special time of life, there are increased nutritional needs for both you and your growing baby. Learn what foods and supplements are essential to prepare your body for pregnancy, what is safe during pregnancy, and how to nourish your body appropriately during the post natal timeframe, especially if you are breast feeding your child.

7- to 14-Day Detox Program

Do you want to free your body of toxins? Need guidance on how to maintain a healthy weight? Curious about nutritional and lifestyle choices?

This premier detox program will rejuvenate both your mind and body. Shed those old food habits, cleanse your system, increase your energy levels and put a spring your step! Detox and Cleanse in a supportive group environment. You will be provided with everything you need for a successful cleanse.

The workshops include: education and guidance, individualized coaching on how to conduct a safe and effective detoxification program, supportive materials including grocery lists, menu plans and recipes

Supplement Evaluations

If you are taking a variety of supplements that you have self-prescribed and wonder how much is essential or even beneficial, set up a 45-minute supplement evaluation appointment to provide you with a customized plan appropriate for your body.

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