The #1 Way to Understand Your Dietary Needs

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Bio-individuality — variables include: age, gender, genetics, lifestyle, stress level, physical fitness . . . and on and on. And, many variables change as we age and go through adolescence, puberty, give birth, experience menopause, etc. You know if a diet is unsuccessful — if it is unsustainable in terms of denying you the foods your body loves and craves, if it is too difficult to find and/or prepare the foods you must eat, or if it leaves you with little energy or bloated.

At Hart Acupuncture & Nutrition, our naturopaths, nutritionists, acupuncturists and therapists often encounter frustration and even illness in our patients who follow a diet plan with good intentions only to fail to reach their weight and health goals.

An approach we advocate is to learn your individual bio make-up and develop a customized diet plan. Check our Events Calendar for opportunities and workshops.

We highly recommend that you begin a My Life Daily Journal where you will record the foods you eat for meals, snacks and alcohol or other beverages you consume. Also, you will make note of your daily exercise (or lack of) and grade the day on its stress level. Note other clues your body is giving that it is out of sync including bloating, lethargy, irregular movements, etc. Together with the tests that your doctor will order, you journal is the best information that will bring you closer to understanding your particular dietary needs.

Our patients often find that a journal also helps them become more aware of themselves in ways that allow them to make improvements in other facets of their daily life. When written down, one sees the lack of spiritual life, pleasure, friendship and other connections.

Start today with a simple spiral bound notebook and pen. Keep it in your purse or by your bedside or wherever you are most likely to use it. Enjoy the process of reviewing your day. Give this as a gift to yourself, just a few minutes of time and attention.


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