Patient Testimonials

What patients are saying about Dr. Kara Burkhart…

On Yelp,

It was the BEST EXPERIENCE. Kara was gentle, understanding, and so knowledgeable. I cannot wait to go back. Most importantly, I feel GREAT.

Amanda G.

This is Amanda. You helped me with the infertility sessions before my transfer. I just wanted to say thank you sooo much! I am pregnant! My husband and I could not be happier and really believe that you made a difference for us. I will be telling everyone I meet about you ūüôā

Beth R.

In a day and age where you get approximately 5-10 minutes with your primary care physician, it was so refreshing to meet Dr Burkhart. The amount of attention, thoughtfulness and quality of care that I receive from her is extraordinary. It is obvious that she truly cares about her patients. She makes sure to fully explain everything to me so that I am comfortable with the plan of care. I have been getting acupuncture which is very calming and has been helping a lot.

I can’t say enough good things about Dr Burkhart; she has been a lifesaver during a difficult time for me.

Marina D.

Dr. Burkhart is an angel.. She proves compassionate, personalized medical care that surpasses anything I’ve ever experienced. She is not only insightful and patient, but has the bedside manner of a saint. I feel totally comfortable and I know that she really cares about me and my health. I met Dr. Burkhart during a yoga class at West Hartford Yoga, where I do acupuncture with her. Sure enough, over the past 5months, my specific health concerns have improved when western medicine failed.
I cannot recommend Dr. Burkhart (Kara) enough. She is an asset to West Hartford and if I had to travel an hour to see her, it would be worth it.

Just outstanding. A full 360 of personalized healthcare, including acupuncture, blood tests, nutritional adjustments, Chinese herbal therapies, you name it, she’s on top of it!

And to top it off, she’s the easiest person to talk to and truly cares about her patients.

Deanna S.

I had severe back and leg pain since June. I could not walk, sleep, nor live. I was asked if I was willing to give acupuncture a try, at a point in my life I would have tried anything if there was the glimmer of hope. I went to Dr. Kara Burkhart and it was the best thing I ever did and the best decision ever made, as 5 weeks later, I am pain free.
She is a blessing to me and I would highly recommend her for treatment. There are so many things that acupuncture can help and/or cure and has been used for thousands of years.

What patients are saying about Pauline Weissman…

Denise L.

Back in June (2013), I went to my drs for my yearly bloodwork and found out that I had high cholesterol.¬† I have been¬†battling the yo-yo cholesterol thing on and off for the past year.¬† I was given a prescription for cholesterol medicine¬†and a diet to follow.¬† Being the daughter of a diabetic, I realized that everything I was ‚Äúallowed‚ÄĚ to eat would¬†make me a diabetic within a year.¬† Not knowing which way to turn and not wanting to take a daily pill, I decided to go¬†see¬†a¬†nutritionist.¬†I sat down with¬†Pauline and discussed my daily¬†eating and exercise routine.¬† She¬†gave me her¬†list of items to eat, pages to read and a bunch of recipes to try.

I went back to the drs 3 months later and found out that my cholesterol had dropped 25 points, my HDL (good cholesterol) increased and I had lost 17lbs.  I have changed my eating habits and have really enjoyed all of the great food that I have been missing all of these years. Fast foods, processed foods and sugars are not in my diet or vocabulary any more!!

Going to Pauline was one of the greatest investments I have ever made.  Her knowledge of health and nutrition has changed my life forever.  Thank you, Pauline.

John O.

Just wanted to let you know what a wonderful experience I had with your 21-day detox program. I do believe that it has changed my whole way of eating permanently as well as improving my health tremendously! Barb planted the seed in my WHY teacher training and you offered me a way to guide me through the whole detox process as I am very new to eating whole foods.

The results were amazing! I have arthritis in both shoulders, hips, and knees and the pain has gone from a max of 4 to a minimum of 1! I tore a hamstring as well as having notoriously tight hamstrings and I have become much more flexible and the discomfort from the strain has been reduced immensely. My hay fever symptoms of severe itchy eyes and fatigue have virtually disappeared! People are saying that my skin looks younger as well as my overall well-being.

I do find that it takes much planning and preparation to eat this way, but the benefits are amazing! I want to thank you and Barb again for changing my life for the better. Hope to see you much more at the studio (or Trader Joe’s)!

Lisa L.

Thanks again for your help and understanding more about healthy eating.

What a really educational and supportive experience. I did a detox/cleansing program with Pauline for 21 days and I truly appreciated this experience and program and so did my body. I’ve been having food allergies, feeling tired, bloated, skin issues. I worked hard to follow the 21 day program and learned more about food in general, negative responses that my body had with certain foods and overall became so much more self aware. After the detox, I was so much less bloated, way more energy and my allergic skin reactions went away. This was a great start to actually changing my eating habits even after the detox program. This started me to lead a healthier and better life. It is not so hard to follow. I did miss my coffee though. Pauline gave us some great recipes that made it easier. I still make my own salad dressing, have my delicious cauliflower soup, quinoa salads and my alkaline vegetable broth. I have 3 kids and it is really easy to neglect yourself. This detox program allowed me to focus on me and become healthier. I always believe that this translates into your overall life. Pauline, thank you again for your support, sharing your knowledge about nutrition and helping me make these life changes.

Krista W.

The program Pauline put me on was a gift. I have changed my habits and am paying more attention to what I feed my kids. I’m proud that I gave up some unhealthy habits for good. My skin has cleared up and I have so much more energy.