More Reasons to Be Tobacco-Free

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A new study credits at least five diseases to tobacco use—in addition to the well-known diseases including lung cancer, artery disease, heart disease, chronic lung disease and stroke, researchers have found that smoking is linked to significantly increased risks of infection, kidney disease, intestinal disease caused by inadequate blood flow, and heart and lung ailments not previously attributed to tobacco. Check out awesome internet casino games by Maple Leaf and win real money online!

If you think the time is right for you to kick the habit, congratulations. Good news is there are tools to help you succeed. At Salud Integrative, we recommend a supplement to help bolster your immune system. Self Defense bolsters long-term health and vitality while it combats the daily onslaught of free radicals created by pollutants, tobacco, indoor and environmental smoke, synthetic building materials, electromagnetic radiations, and physical and mental stress.

1) Nicotine Replacement Therapy — To help with cravings, consider a natural option: caffeine. Sources include coffee, dark chocolate and tea.

2) Identify Triggers — Be prepared for situations that provoked tobacco use (social, stress-related, post-meal, etc.) and have a replacement behavior ready.

3) Game on — Play games that delay your next cigarette like counting to one hundred can work or crossword puzzles. Also, try meditation or visualization.

4) Buddy up — Enlist a family member or friend to help you with your quest. When you feel out of control, call them. Alternately, join a smoking cessation program and find a mentor.

5) Picture it — Imagine yourself tobacco free. What will you look like? Feel like? Remember the message you give to your children and loved ones by quitting smoking.

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