Give Your Valentine a Smart Way to Feel Good

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1421654_99841224-1Valentine’s Day and the word “sweet” go hand-in-hand. On Saturday, make something special for your sweetheart that will make them happy + smart and taste amazing. Your secret ingredient? Chocolate, of course!

Why smart?

As reported in a recent Harvard Health Blog, there are compounds in chocolate known as cocoa flavanols that have been linked with improved thinking skills.  The article goes on the explain that flavanols in cocoa have been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, prevent blood clots, and fight cell damage.

Be aware, though, that the amount of cocoa used in chocolate varies by manufacturer. And flavanols are often destroyed in the production of chocolate. Also, dark chocolate has more cocoa and more flavanols than milk chocolate. To get the therapeutic benefits of dark chocolate you’ll need to purchase chocolate that contains 70% cacao content.

We like the recipes at for nuts and fruit dipped in chocolate.

Why happy?

Raw chocolate is a healthy alternative to processed chocolate. Called “cacao,” it contains a neurotransmitter known as anandamide that is considered to stimulate happy emotions. Neurotransmitters are brain functions that inform our moods, thoughts and energy.

Raw cacao is also a healthy choice because it contains antioxidants (anti-aging properties) in addition to other healthy compounds like, protein, fiber, iron, zinc and magnesium. A detailed explanation of cacao can be found in

We found three delicious V-Day treat recipes at

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