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More Reasons to Be Tobacco-Free

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A new study credits at least five diseases to tobacco use—in addition to the well-known diseases including lung cancer, artery disease, heart disease, chronic lung disease and stroke, researchers have found that smoking is linked to significantly increased risks of infection, kidney disease, intestinal disease caused by inadequate blood flow, and heart and lung ailments not previously attributed to tobacco. Check out awesome internet casino games by Maple Leaf and win real money online! If you think the time is right for you to kick the habit, congratulations. Good news is there are tools to...

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Give Your Valentine a Smart Way to Feel Good

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Valentine’s Day and the word “sweet” go hand-in-hand. On Saturday, make something special for your sweetheart that will make them happy + smart and taste amazing. Your secret ingredient? Chocolate, of course! Why smart? As reported in a recent Harvard Health Blog, there are compounds in chocolate known as cocoa flavanols that have been linked with improved thinking skills.  The article goes on the explain that flavanols in cocoa have been shown to help lower blood pressure, improve blood flow to the brain and heart, prevent blood clots, and fight cell damage. Be aware,...

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Multi-Vitamin Use Study Shows Benefits

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A recent study published in the Journal Of Nutrition studied whether taking a multivitamin might help reduce the risk of death from heart disease. We know that several factors influence the risk of disease — diet, exercise, drinking and tobacco, which is what makes this study significant because it includes that data. The conclusion favors the practice of multi-vitamin use. In the early 1990s, researchers began studying a group of about 9,000 adults, all of whom were in their 40s or older. The researchers went into the people’s homes, interviewed them about their health habits. They...

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10 Ways to Lose Your Headache

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Symptoms of impending headache •    nausea •    difficulties with vision •    eye pain •    trouble concentrating •    sharp stabbing pain •    sinus and allergy symptoms •    pressure around the head and neck •    sensitivity to light How to treat a headache 1. Drink water — dehydration is often the reason for headaches 2. Mint compress — ake a cup of mint tea with 2 tea bags. Soak a towel and wrap it around your neck or place on forehead 3. Tea —A strong cup of ginger tea is a great anti-infammatory and works on the blood vessels. It sometimes does the trick 4. Eat — soothing foods, like...

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This year, give yourself

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Free and easy—holiday giving that needs no wrapping! This month, we are giving you suggestions to make your life simpler, easier and allow for peace of mind and in turn positive mental health during the busy holiday season. Giving has been linked to better health proving that gift giving is cyclical, which makes the holidays a perfect opportunity to bump your mental and physical health! Technology: Savvy with your tablet, smartphone, laptop? Do you know the best apps and how to use them for fitness, coupons, organization? Give the gift of a one-hour free consult to a friend, family member...

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Health Gifts: Techno Style

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Transform Your Life app is 365 days of inspirational quotes, encouragement, and daily assignments supporting awareness practice with day-in-day-out reminders to keep focused on compassionate self-acceptance. June by Netatmo tracks your sun exposure and communicates with your smartphone gives recommendations customized to your skin tone and current UV exposure. Withings Wireless Scale  allows you to monitor your weight on compatible smartphone and tablet devices. Set goals, track progress. Jawbone Fitness Tracker bracelet tracks activity including calories burned, sleep including hours and...

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