Blow off seasonal allergies with these tips

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Spring is both welcome and yet can bring a host of unwanted allergens into our lives. Whether you suffer from full-blown allergies to pollen or have the occasional reaction to dust, the experience can range from miserable to debilitating. Symptoms that point to allergic reactions include tiredness, scratchy throat, itchy eyes or watery eyes, sneezing, head pressure, sinus inflammation, and headaches.

Best practice is to build up your immune system to prevent inflammation through a diet rich in a balance of whole foods, grains, fruits, vegetables and desirable sources of proteins and carbohydrates. Ask us for a free Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Book created by nutritionist Pauline Weissman.

1. Drink alkaline water. Tap or bottled water is acidic and acidity has been linked to allergies. Hydration is key to cleansing the bodily systems.

2. Supplements can help. Bee pollen, sea buckthorn and others. Best Defense?

3. Avoid dairy. Cow’s milk protein (casein) can spark respiratory symptoms. Replace milk with almond or coconut milk, ice cream with sorbet, and in general avoid dairy which can promote the formation of mucus.

4. Infuse your water with Green Tea. The urge for a hot cup of tea is a winter thing but not the need for the powerful antioxidant phytonutrients in green tea. Bring water to a boil, steep a bag or two of green tea, let cool, then fill a large pitcher with ice and the concentrated tea. Add fresh mint, lemons or lime and store in fridge.

5. Eat one apple daily. The adage holds true! Apples, onions, berries, cauliflower — these vegetables and fruits contain antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antihistamine properties.

6. Detox with salt. Mix a quarter teaspoon of sea salt with one cup of water and while leaning over a bowl or sink, tilt your head while pouring solution into one nostril allowing it to run into other nostril. This cleanse will remove mucous.

7. Lower stress. Chronic stress interrupts the immune system. Easier said than done? In fact, controlling stress is more achievable than you might imagine. Add a walk to your post dinner routine, replace TV with an audio book, spend a few minutes journaling about your day — these are small yet important ways you can influence your stress levels.

8. De-dust your house. Remove feather pillows and bedding, which are traps for dust mites. Vacuum and dust regularly. Remove carpeting if that is an option. Use a HEPA filter machine.

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